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Driveways Cleaning

Professional Driveway Cleaning And Sealing Services.

We are a company that carry out specialist driveway restoration services including:

Driveways Cleaning:

If you are looking for a professional driveway cleaning company in Liverpool, then you have come to the right place. We have a special team of skilled men who carry out all driveway cleaning projects. We can take an old looking block paved driveway and turn it into a brand new looking driveway.

Below is a before and after a photograph of a project that we have cleaned and re-compacted after 10 years of installation.

By looking after your driveway and keeping it clean the driveway will last you for several years. But if you don’t maintain it as you should the driveway mightn’t last as long and it will need reinstalling again, so it is good to maintain your driveway as it will be better in the long run.

Driveway Lift and Relay:

If you have a sunken driveway then we can fix it for you by lifting and relaying it with a good firm foundation so that it will not sink again

Below is a before and after the photograph of a project that we have lifted, re-laid and cleaned.




Benefits of Sealing include:

Less risk of costly future repairs, inhibits weeds, grass and moss growth, reduces the loss of sand from power washing, enhances the colour of paving, our driveway sealers do not blister or peel, weather resistant, proven to prolong the life of paving, oil/stain resistant properties.

If would like a quote for any of our pressure cleanings or paving restoration services, please fill in our online enquiry form or call 0330 119 3333

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What Our Customers Say

Many thanks to Abel Landscaping for a great job they did in transforming our drive and front garden. We are delighted with the quality and look of the finished job. Very good service from a highly professional and efficient company. Helpful initial design ideas from Darren with options all priced for us to make the final choice. Work was stated very promptly and afterwards and the exceptionally hard -working, polite and friendly tradesmen who managed to complete the whole job in just five days .


Ken LewisRuncorn