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All Seasons Gardening & Landscaping Maintenance Services

As you would with your home, your garden requires due care and attention to ensure it remains to look its best all year round.


Block and brick paving, setts and cobblestones need minimal maintenance sweeping to get rid of dust, dirt and leaves, plus the occasional scrub-down with soapy water and a stiff brush. Always use an acid-free soap and take care not to scrub too hard between the joints to avoid dislodging the filling between the blocks. A similar cleaning routine suits concrete paving but again beware of acids in the soap, especially on dyed concrete where it can drastically change the colours.



It is virtually impossible to prevent weeds growing on your paving the operative word being on. There is a popular misconception that weeds grow up through paving whereas, in fact, they grow from seeds lodged on surface dirt or between blocks. Regular brushing or scraping with a hoe should minimise the problem but be careful not to dislodge the filling between the blocks. If the weeds take hold treat them with a weed killer suitable for use on paving. Gravel, of course, can be rather more labour-intensive but you can always use a weed killer if you can’t face hand-picking the weeds.

”High-pressure power jet-washing can make a dramatic improvement”


Algae tends to appear on paving, especially natural materials such as clay bricks and stone. It can often be brushed away with a stiff broom or hosed off with a pressure washer but more extensive growth might need a more heavy-duty treatment in the form of bleach. Dilute it 50-50 with water and pour over the algae, leave for a few minutes then rinse off with plenty of clean water. Avoid getting bleach on other plants as it will kill those as effectively as the algae. In the case of accidental spillage, rinse with lots of clean water.


A mixture of algae and fungus, lichens can be hard to shift but bleach and a stiff brush should do the trick, although you might have to repeat the treatment several times.



Most moss is easily removed with a brush but if you do resort to buying a moss killer avoid anything with ferrous sulphate as this will alter the colour of your paving.
Looking to get your garden sorted out but don’t have the time to spare or the desire to work on it yourself?


What we do

Our garden maintenance services are as unique as the grounds in your care. We work closely with you to provide the tailored services you require to keep your grounds looking good. Our experienced team are qualified to provide all the following services and more:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Driveway cleaning
  • One off tidy-ups/ Winter tidy-ups
  • Tree, hedge trimming and pruning
  • Decking cleaning and retreats
  • Jet washing
  • Re-pointing
  • Lawn mowing
  • Site clearance
  • Relay paving & block paving
  • Paving Patio cleaning
  • And much more 



”Lift and Relay Block Paving Driveway”

Sanding And Sealing

Sanding is an option for block paved areas.

Once the cleaned driveway is dry we use only kiln dried sand and sweep it into all the exposed gaps and joints which ensure that all blocks that may have been loosened during the high-pressure cleaning are firmed up. This prepares the driveway ready for sealing. Sealing is a great way to protect your driveway, patio or paved area.


Decking Cleaning

Decking attracts a lot of algae and combined with wet conditions the surface becomes extremely slippery.

We can tackle this problem leaving you with a slip-free surface, causing no damage whatsoever to your deck area!

We use a specially formulated chemical to attack the algae deep in the grooves, letting the chemical do the hard work. We then use a rotary flat surface cleaner, which will even clean the area without causing striping or splintering like a traditional lance would do if not used correctly.



Call us today for a professional clean of your Drive, Patio, Decking and More. We provide a friendly & efficient service both for commercial and domestic customers.

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What Our Customers Say

Many thanks to Abel Landscaping for a great job they did in transforming our drive and front garden. We are delighted with the quality and look of the finished job. Very good service from a highly professional and efficient company. Helpful initial design ideas from Darren with options all priced for us to make the final choice. Work was stated very promptly and afterwards and the exceptionally hard -working, polite and friendly tradesmen who managed to complete the whole job in just five days .


Ken LewisRuncorn