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Block Paving

A beautiful block paving driveway will enhance your home, and the benefits will last for many years.

Block paving is a hard-wearing and smart option for a driveway. There are so many different options to choose from, take your time with your decision and be creative. If you are having difficulty in deciding, we can answer any questions you many have or recommend what would work best for your perfect block paving driveway project.


Here are some advice and tips on helping you choose the perfect Block paving.

Why Choose Block Paving?

It’s a tasteful form of paving and you can work to your budget with regards to the designs and colours you choose. There are many different manufacturers to choose from – so you’re spoilt for choice. If you want, you can add a few special touches such as edgings, kerbings or unique designs, giving an elegant and sophisticated finish to your driveway

Colours of Block Paving

One of the reasons people choose block paving is because of the stylish choices, available in a range of colours and the ability to lay them in a range of designs and patterns, and now with a choice of shaped and sized blocks, the possibilities are endless.To add definition to the paved design use contrasting colour for borders.

You should consider matching and be contrasting the colours of block paving with things like house bricks, fencing etc.  Great designs and stunning looks can be created especially if using different colours of paving blocks for shapes like diamonds incorporated into the design of the paving.

Find Your Style

There are literally hundreds of styles of block paving available from a large range of manufacturers from all over the UK. From standard block paving like driveline 50 from Marshalls, to ethically sourced natural stone imported from India, whether you’re looking for a modern, traditional or rustic finish the choice really is endless.


‘Contemporary Driveways”                                          ”Traditional driveways”


Choosing the right block paving product that is right for you

Choosing the right products to transform your driveway and enhance the kerb appeal of your property is just a part of planning process for your project.

We recommended Marshalls Block paving products. Marshalls have a wide range of products from natural stone setts to concrete block paving to transform your driveway.If you’re looking to achieve a premium natural stone look driveway, ethically sourced, Natural Stone Setts are available in a number of colours and finishes. For something different, see our new Drivesys Driveway Systems range to achieve the realistic look of natural stone cobbles. Or, for those of you who would like a more cost effective alternative see our large range of concrete block paving in a number of finishes, colours and sizes.

”Marshalls have a wide range of products from natural stone setts to concrete block paving to transform your driveway.”


When you begin to look at different types of block paving it is important to decide on what style of block is your favourite, whether it be standard blocks such as Marshalls Driveline 50, Fairstone Setts which are ethically sourced from India or a cobble effect block paving known as Cobbletech.


”Add colour to a design with block paving and you can create a stunning looking finish to you paving blocks. Combine the colours and you can give width and definition to any block paving project.”


Once you have decided on the style of block paving you would like it is time to choose the colour. You need to take into consideration the surroundings and style of your property as you want your installation to blend in.


You have the style and colour of block paving; now it is time to look at the laying patterns. Below are just some of the most popular laying patterns used with block paving.


”Standard block paving driveline 50”



  • Flexible and hard wearing – Providing a high return on investment, block paving is now commonly used on major projects such as docks and airports, as well as domestic projects such as private driveways. It is unaffected by frost, salts, oils and has a potential lifespan greater than conventional surfaces.
  • Long life costing’s – Block paving offers a cost-effective solution to a number of long-term problems in comparison to other surfacing products. These solutions include easy access, low maintenance, long lifespan and re-usability.
  • Non-slip Surface – Block paving creates an excellent skid resistant and non-slip surface.



”Drivesett Driveway the most popular traditional block paving in the UK

Consider Edging?

Edgings come in various materials and many different designs and colours and can serve different purposes. The most common use of an edging is for soil or grass retention! A good quality decorative edging gives a neat appearance and a clean sharp finish to any surface.

With block paving the edge is an integral part of a path or drive giving the block integrity and strength; restraining outward thrust pressure, therefore avoiding movement of the block surface. It is well worth spending the extra money and making sure that you fit the correct edging kerbs.

”If you are looking to add the perfect finishing touch to your driveway project, by adding  Kerb & Edging are the ideal.”

Browse our Block Paving Portfolio to see some of the previous designs constructed by our team. Contact us for further information about our service.

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