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Garden Paths

Walkways are a key part of almost any landscape.

Garden paths are useful in that they help you avoid stepping on plants when working in the garden, as well as creating a more coherent landscape theme. Garden paths can also make a garden look more professional and can provide an accent to certain plants along the garden paths if done correctly.

”So many different types of garden paths exist, that it can be overwhelming to decide which types of garden paths are right for your yard. Garden paths come in all shapes and sizes.”

A path in a lawn can become a feature. Where constant use is likely to wear bare patches in a lawn, an inexpensive solution is to set stepping stones into the ground at regular, spaced-out intervals and sow grass seed around the stones. Choose stones that are attractive and practical to walk on.


”Steppingstones pathway”

Paving Slab Garden Paths

Paving slabs is an extensive category with different materials which vary in colours and textures. These range from sandstone to limestone, travertine and slate. Colours include natural shades through to dark greys and even black. Shapes also vary from squares to oblongs, circles and irregular.
With such a diverse range of options you can pick paving slabs to suit any garden design. Natural colours with texture would suit traditional settings whereas smooth square stones in dark colours would be more applicable to contemporary gardens.


”Paving Slab Garden Paths”


Setts and Cobbles Pathway
Cobblestone Setts are an easy and efficient way to create a beautiful, traditional looking path. By adding contrasting free draining gravel, it makes an ideal jointing material as a lovely finishing touch to a traditional design.


”Cobble sett pathway”


Brick Garden Paths
Bricks can be laid in a variety of patterns for a range of effects. A traditional herringbone pattern will suit a cottage garden, while staggered lines can be used to great effect in a more modern setting.

”Brick Garden Paths”

Gravel Garden Pathways
A gravel pathway is one of the quickest and easiest to create, and there are a wide variety of stone chipping’s available. Don’t choose stones that are very small, as they will get picked up by muddy or wet shoes too easily. Beach pebbles, slate chipping’s in a variety of colours, sparkling white chips, and stones in a huge range of colours are available. For a natural looking path through a shady grove you could even use bark chipping.


”Gravel Garden Pathways”


”A traditional gravel path gets an update thanks to decorative stone chips and staggered Eden dimension stones that provide a landing spot and engage the eye. Stone edging keeps the gravel in line.”


”Granite stepping stones, short pathway but the striking path leads to decking centre center of this garden. The modern, minimalist pavers contrast with the traditional style of the plantings”


”Symphony paving pathway perfect for modern landscapes”


If you’re looking for beautiful garden path ideas,  please call today 0330 119 3333 or contact us here. We can help you make a choice on materials and the design to enhance your garden and take into account your budget requirements.

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