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The right type of plants can transform the look of any garden.

No matter what your level of experience, you can have blooming beauty in your life and Garden. But for your flowers to do best, it helps to understand a few basics about how flowers work and what they need.

”Selecting plants to suit the environment is the key to successful planting. Plants add colour, texture, perfume and shapes to your garden.”


The climate is perhaps the most important factor when choosing landscaping plants. The ability of a plant to adapt to given climate is referred to as hardiness, it involves tolerance to both low and high temperatures. It is very important to use species that can survive the temperature extremes of your location. If the plant is not tolerant to your winter conditions, a perennial will perform like an annual and die over winter.



Dr.Plantz – Our Specialist Plant Advisor
We have an experienced planner who specialises in choosing the correct plants for each of our projects; known as “Dr. Plantz”. When your project in underway and it is time for you to choose your plants, Dr Plantz will come out and talk to you about what colors you would like to use, where each plant should be placed and how you should look after each plant. This is vital as we don’t want you to invest your money in plants that will die a few days later due to positioning.


‘With a speciality in mature plants that add colour, interest and vibrancy to gardens and outdoor spaces”


”Climbing plants and wall shrubs cover walls, fences, unsightly features, arches, obelisks and pergolas. True climbers take up little ground space”

When you’re looking for planting ideas and need advice or perhaps an instant solution, our expert staff are here to help. For more information call us today. 0330 119 3333


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What Our Customers Say

Our garden is looking gorgeous after your full advice and makeover in March 2014. We are so pleased that you are intending to carry out a maintenance programme so we are saving at the moment in anticipation of asking you to jet wash our decking and flags as we do not want to get it wrong as your job is so professional. What a brilliant idea. There are many garden maintenance contractors but we could pick the wrong one if we just choose at random, and ruin all your good work. We will be in touch.

Dianne YoungCheshireSee The Project