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A beautiful lawn makes a beautiful garden

What is a lawn?
A lawn is an area of land that has been planted with grass seeds and maintained to keep its green colour. Often used for recreational purposes and are a common feature in private gardens and parks.



When should you lay your lawn?
If you are looking to install a new lawn from scratch it is important that you pick the right time of year to start preparing your ground thoroughly. Turf will establish itself quickly on soil that is warm and moist which makes autumn the perfect time to install as the turf will be watered by the rain.

Once you have decided that a beautiful real lawn is what you want, think about the shape of the lawn in relation to the shape of the garden. This is important both for its appearance and for practicality, of cutting. Avoid awkward corners and angles, and consider how you will turn with the mower.


”Circular lawn are beautiful feature to add on your garden”¬†


Laying your turf
Before laying your turf you will need to prepare the soil by skimming off any old grass, removing large stones and pulling up any weeds. Once you have done this you can then roughly level the area by flattening large humps and filling any hollows. Alternatively, if the area you are looking to turf does not have good ground we advise you to import quality top soil. Once you have done this you should then make the soil firm by walking over it, placing the weight on your heels.



Once watered lay your first row of turf slowly along the straight edge, trying to avoid damage. Butt each piece together as close as possible and then stamp down on the joints with your feet or a rake. Continue to do this making sure that each piece is pushed up to the first row, staggering the subsequent rows in a brickwork pattern until the area is covered.


A well-groomed, healthy lawn has an amazing impact on the appearance of your garden. Looking out on a wonderful green space when you open the curtains in the morning is an uplifting experience: it makes you want to get out there and enjoy it. So, whether you use it to play upon, or just to look at, you need to keep it in peak condition. The secret of success is to give it a little attention throughout the year. It only becomes hard work when it is neglected and you need to get things back on track. So here are a few tips to keep your grass looking beautiful throughout the year.



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